South African Boer Goats

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                                            LALLYBROCH BOER GOATS

Welcome to the website of Lallybroch Boer Goats. As well as introducing you to our goats and services it is hoped you will find the additional information of value. This site is currently under construction and will be constantly updated.


At Lallybroch Boer Goats our free range herd currently consists of High Health Status Purebreds and Full Bloods. The aim is to produce a herd of High Health Status Pure and Full Blood Boer Goats reflecting the South African Breed Standards of Stud and Show quality. All goats are registered with BBGS and ear tags include an EID for export and management. 
Our goats  select their own food from a choice of grass, assorted mature hedges and hay and straw, they are also given concentrates, the amount of which varies according to need.

Our goats have the option to wonder the pastures or take shelter from the elements in woods or purpose built shelters and they enjoy a great deal of human contact.

We believe that if you are purchasing goats from us you should be confident in their health and wellbeing as well as their pedigrees. All the information you need about the goats will be provided on this site. The only animals on our ground are the goats and we have natural boundaries making Bio-Security  easier to manage. Our goats have a great deal of personal contact, especially whilst kidding when the goats are personally monitored 24hrs a day until all the kids prove to be fit and healthy.

CAE          The herd is CAE Accredited and listed on the SAC website. (renewed May 2018) 
CLA          All goats over 12 months of age have been tested and are CLA Negative. (2018)
EAE          All goats over 12 months of age have been tested and are EAE Negative. (2018)
SCRAPIE    We are currently vet monitored for compliance with the Scrapie Monitoring Scheme. (2nd year)
JOHNE'S   All goats over 12 months old have been tested and are Negative for Johne's disease. (2018)

Many breeders do not test for EAE but we feel that as it is something goats can contract and since many people purchasing goats have EAE Accredited sheep, it is only right to do so. It protects their status and makes life a little easier.

Although commonly used, the term 'High Health Status' does not have a precise definition so you need to check which health tests have been carried out and the results. It is important to realise that if, for instance, a goat is CAE Negative this is different than being CAE Accredited.
Where required our testing is carried out by SRUC. For full details of testing requirements and standards visit then select premium sheep and goat health schemes under veterinary services  

Updated 07/04/2019